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Our service is what sets us apart according to our clients, and goes far beyond simple assistance or advice. Starting with our technical and design team and right the way through to our exclusive construction of pools , our clients’ proposals are followed through from the drawing board to their final realisation, using the most exclusive and distinguished finishes together with the latest technology in control and automatization of swimming pools.

Water is not only a source of life, it also provides comfort, well-being and design.

A 3D design is prepared for all our pool and spa projects in which every last detail of the finishes and desired effects are included. This design, thanks to the image intercalation speed and the lenses used, gives a perspective with depth from various angles.

This creative process is effective, efficient and centred on the original ideas of how you want your pool to be, something which is essential in order to obtain optimum results and enable us to try to exceed your expectations.

Our service integrates images based on 3D animation. The images we provide of the final project, due to their maximum realism, show the final result that will be achieved once the work is completed and your dream project has come true.

We have at our disposal the most cutting edge technical and human resources available on the market to develop the highest quality 3D image, which will give you the confidence and security necessary to take the definitive step to go ahead with the project. The images not only convey the reality of your dreams to your mind, but also to your soul.

This 3D tool allows the client to visualise the idea and make any changes necessary prior to beginning the building works, which naturally avoids unnecessary expense.

It is not easy to find a team of specialised professionals who are able to understand and capture your ideas, while at the same time resolving any query that may arise during the implementation of your project. This is why, in Home Team Gran Canaria, we have highly qualified, specialised personnel, with the ideas and creativity necessary to design original and innovative projects.

In Home Team Gran Canaria we have the ideas, the passion for a job well done, the highly qualified personnel and construction techniques necessary to design and build your pool. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our long and varied experience in the industry are your guarantee, and our skill and innovation are what set us apart from our competitors.

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